Equity & Diversity

Diversity Statement

Central to Evergreen’s mission is respect for the worth and dignity of every person.  It directly follows that Evergreen is committed to the ideals of equity, diversity and social justice in all aspects of our program. We seek to be a diverse community of many voices and experiences where all can feel safe and welcome. And we recognize the importance of family, nationality, religion, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status in our inclusive community.

Musical Performance at Spring Festival

Inclusive Curriculum

At Evergreen, our global education curriculum seeks to provide sufficient perspective on the diversity of human experience so that students come to appreciate the complexity and interconnectedness of the world around us.

Our classroom curriculum places special emphasis on the study of culture with the express purpose of celebrating the heritage, dignity and worth of each child.  In order to celebrate our multi-cultural and inclusive community, Evergreen holds several special events throughout the year.

Our Community

  • Percentage of Faculty of Color: 54%
  • Percentage of Families of Color: 64%
  • Percentage of Families from Non-US Countries: 18%