Board of Trustees

Evergreen School Auction guestsThe purpose of the Evergreen Board of Trustees is to support the School’s mission and ensure its long-term success. To achieve this, the Board strategically plans the development of the School for the next generation of students.  To this end, the Board developed the 2014 Strategic Plan with community input from the school administration, faculty and parents.  The Plan is available here.

In addition, the Board must regenerate itself to maintain a shared vision. Ultimately, it is this Board’s vision to nurture the School so it prospers for its grandchildren.

The Board of Trustees is made up of current parents, alumni parents, and community leaders.  The Board is responsible for stewardship, hiring the Head of School, and the fiduciary health of the institution.

2016-2017 Board of Trustees

  • Rachel Dickon (President)
  • Erica Goldman (Vice-President)
  • Joanne Hoff (Secretary)
  • Deepa Sundararaman (Treasurer)
  • Kate Greene
  • Wendie Marsh
  • Abrielle Anderson
  • Margie Omero
  • Tanya Palacio
  • Catherine Paschal
  • Rohan Patel
  • Virginia Spivey

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