Parent Association

Evergreen offers a number of opportunities for parental involvement. Vital among these is The Evergreen School Parent Association (ESPA).

The purpose of ESPA is to:

  • Promote a cohesive school community through involvement and volunteerism
  • Facilitate communication within the Evergreen School community
  • Enhance the educational environment of Evergreen School through fundraising
  • Support Evergreen School’s mission and programs

All Evergreen parents and guardians are members of ESPA. The organization seeks to coordinate efforts by parents to provide a helping hand to teachers and fosters communication between parents, teachers and administration.

ESPA meets regularly. All parents are encouraged to get involved in community activities such as the Fall Play Date, festivals, International Children’s Day Events, Esteemed Elders’ Day and more.

ESPA Officers 2017-2018

Rachel Rikleen, President
Teri Alexander
Dannielle Hawk
Erin Uritus