Building and Growing


Building and Growing

Evergreen Strategic Plan (2015 and Beyond)


Introduction and Overview

In 2008, Evergreen School Board of Trustees formally adopted the school’s very first strategic plan.  The document was a commitment to long range planning and a strategic vision for the future of the school. The plan outlines that, by 2015, Evergreen School will enjoy:

  1. Fuller, diverse enrollment at every level, especially in the Elementary program.
  2. A well-established and engaged faculty and staff.
  3. Signature programming to advance global perspective and continue to build solid connections to the neighboring communities.
  4. A healthy partnership with Hughes United Methodist Church with renovated facilities.
  5. A broad financial base fed by diverse sources.
  6. Consistent and representative leadership through Board development.

With 2015, and more closely, Evergreen’s 50th Anniversary fast approaching, the Board of Trustees took the past six months to review the progress of the school as it relates to the goals of the plan. Additionally, the Board, identified specific objectives to be accomplished before the plan expires.

For each of the goals above, this revision offers (a) objectives to be accomplished, (b) metrics for identifying success, and (c) a timeline for completion.  The Board made no changes to the mission and vision statements of the plan.

Mission Statement

Evergreen School is committed to educating students, from a wide variety of cultural, religious, racial, and economic backgrounds, in the Montessori tradition. Our mission, shared by trustees, parents, faculty, and administrators alike, is to help each individual reach his her potential and to prepare our students to be independent thinkers, lifetime learners, and responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

Goal # 1: Attract and Retain a Diverse Student Body

Evergreen continues to attract a diverse student body. Evergreen’s challenge is to retain students at all levels and from all races and ethnicities.

  • Objectives to be accomplished –
    1. Maintain consistent enrollment at approximately 88 students annually
    2. Improve the overall retention rate of 67% to 70% over the next three years
  • Key Activities to achieve Objectives –
    1. Conduct an annual community satisfaction survey.
    2. Evaluate the retention rates at various points in the school grade schemes.
    3. Develop a targeted marketing and communications plan by September 2014.

Goal #2: Recruit and Retain Talented Faculty and Staff

Evergreen is fortunate to have such a talented, committed faculty and staff.

  • Objectives to be accomplished –
    1. Achieve and maintain staff development expenditures at 1.5% to 2% of total tuition as recommended by the American Montessori Society (AMS)/Independent Education (IE).
    2. Ensure a compensation structure for teachers and staff that is comparable to similarly situated schools in the area.
  • Key Activities to achieve Objectives –
    1. Conduct an annual faculty satisfaction survey.
    2. Research compensation packages from selected schools in the area to establish Evergreen’s teachers and staff salary and benefits policy.
    3. Benchmark teachers and staff compensation package with other school areas to ensure Evergreen’s package remains competitive by 2015.

Goal #3: Develop Signature Academic and/or Auxiliary Programs

Evergreen offers an exceptional experience for families. Over the years, Evergreen has enhanced and refined this experience by creating programs and evolving into one of the premier Montessori schools in the DC area. Moving forward it is crucial for the Evergreen community to continue to enhance its program while meeting the needs of changing families and their economic realities. In addition, Evergreen must continue to refine its message to parents and the broader community so they better understand the inherent value of an Evergreen Montessori education.

  • Objectives to be accomplished –
    1. Maintain robust auxiliary and academic programs that complement the core Montessori curriculum.
  • Key Activities to achieve Objectives –
    1. Continue to fund programs that enhance Evergreen signature offerings.

Goal #4: Work with Hughes United Methodist Church to Renovate Facility

Evergreen’s location allows the school to advance its mission. The School must embrace and enhance the current facility and, most importantly, maintain a good working relationship with the Church.

  • Objectives to be accomplished –
    1. Strengthen our working relationship and renew a long-term lease with Hughes United Methodist Church by December 2015.
  • Key Activities to achieve Objectives –
    1. Develop a short- and long-term plan of the school space needs
    2. Create a standing Building and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees to focus on nurturing the School’s relationship with the Church.

Goal #5: Strengthen the School’s Financial Base

Evergreen School derives its revenue from tuition, augmented with funds from the Annual Fund, Auction, and other operating income. The Board is committed to transforming the School by expanding its existing tuition base, fundraising, and other income sources to enhance its future.

  • Objectives to be accomplished –
    1. Maintain the ISM recommendation of covering 100% of operating expenses from tuition annually.
    2. Build and maintain the school’s operating reserves to the ISM stability marker of 15% of operating expenses.
    3. Increase non-tuition revenue sources (Annual Fund and Auction) by 8-12% over the next three years.
  • Key Activities to achieve Objectives –
    1. Analyze how much of the operating expenses is covered by tuition and set goal to cover fully base operating expenses.
    2. Establish financial policy for allocating surplus income to fund reserves.
    3. Set increasing Annual Fund and Auction goals during the annual budget process.

Goal #6: Recruit and Maintain an Active and Diverse Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the school fulfills its mission.

  • Objectives to be accomplished –
    1. Grow and maintain a diverse Board of 10-15 Trustees by summer 2014.
    2. Increase Board visibility within the Evergreen community
    3. Increase Board involvement in fundraising outreach
  • Key Activities to achieve Objectives –
    1. Increase outreach and cultivation efforts for new Board members.
    2. Conduct training for Trustees on fundraising responsibilities and techniques.