“Musical training doesn’t just improve your ear for music — it also helps your ear for speech.” The Journal of Neuroscience

Students experience the joy of making music at Evergreen.  Our program nurtures each child’s innate love of music.  The dedicated music room is a place to sing and dance to all types of music.  Performance is an essential part of music. Students showcase their learning at annual festivals and special events.

Montessori music

“Music is the art of thinking with sounds.” –Jules Combarieu

Music activities include songs and rhymes that nurture the development of steady beat. Our curriculum includes vocal music making, music concepts and vocabulary, instrumentation, music history and appreciation and movement.  Students use our collection of Orff instruments to explore concepts of scale, sequence and pitch.Circle Celebration

Small group violin lessons through MusicKids or one-on-one piano lessons are available during the school day or after school.


  • Toddler, Primary and Elementary children participate in Music class twice each week.
  • Movement and dance are integrated into our music program.  
  • Our music teacher is specially trained to use our complete set of  Orff Instruments.