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After Evergreen

Letter From the Head

Our Six Butterflies, a Metamorphosis

six butterflies

Bear with my metaphor, but almost all of life’s lessons can be learned from children’s picture books.

In two fitting ways, Evergreen children are the Very Hungry Caterpillars in Eric Carle’s book. First, they are voracious. They are ravenous to learn things, to do things and to figure things out (not justhungry for fruit and junk food). Second, our children have been warmly nestled in cozy classroom cocoons—with caring teachers in a safe, nurturing place to learn.

So what happens when our caterpillars become butterflies?  What happens after Evergreen elementary?

In a few months, our third graders will emerge from the Evergreen cocoon as graduates with colorful new wings.  After four years or more with us, each is excited and nervous for new schools, new teachers and new friends.

I am proud to share their plans for next year.  Our third graders have been accepted at several of the most selective independent schools in the DC region.  Among hundreds of applicants, our students stood out for their academic preparationpersonal characterintellectual curiosityand maturity.  These qualities will serve them well wherever they go.

I am grateful to our Elementary teachers, Mrs. Hatziyannis and Mrs. Hannon, for their hands-on support of each child through the application process. As Evergreen father Joel Klein said at a recent ESPA meeting, the relationship between Elementary teachers and their students is the most powerful part of the Evergreen experience.

Just as our program is individualized to meet the needs of each child, our objective is not to get students into the most selective schools. Therefore, as you will see from the list, Evergreen isn’t a “feeder” for any particular school. Our children will attend a range of schools, each a well-selected match for the personality and learning-style of each child. In addition to these schools, Evergreen graduates have also attended MCPS schools, Sidwell Friends School, Sienna School and Catholic schools in the last two years.  We are fortunate to have many excellence independent, religious and public schools in the area for families to choose for fourth grade.

There is tremendous value in staying at Evergreen for the entire Elementary experience.  It is a powerful launching pad for newly-winged butterflies!

Avery: Sandy Spring Friends School
Lydia: Barrie School
Alexander: St. Patrick’s Catholic School
Anais: Maret School
Harry: Lowell School
Maddie: Lowell School


John DeMarchi

John DeMarchi
Head of School

six butterflies