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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Circle Celebration

Evergreen will close the school year on June 5 with our annual Circle Celebration.

The Circle Celebration is our annual commemoration of the school year and the earth’s journey around the sun. It follows the Celebration of Life Birthday tradition, but expands it to the life of the school during the past calendar year– from summer to the end of the school year in June.

The Celebration of Life tradition involves a child on his or her birthday standing in the middle of a circle with all of the children seated around him or her. In the center of the circle is a paper cut-out of a sun, a candle, and the 12 months of the year.

Displayed prominently is a poster board with pictures of the child at each age and the child’s life story. The child’s parents can also provide snacks. While some families prefer traditional birthday treats.

As an expectant hush settles over the room, the teacher begins: “On [child’s birthday and time of birth], [child’s name] was born to loving parents, all of whom were very excited for [child’s name] big arrival.” The candle in the sun is lit, and the child, holding a globe, gets ready to walk around the sun. The teacher continues telling about the child’s first year on earth. Then all the children sing, “A trip around the sun, A trip around the sun, every year we get to make  a trip around the sun.” Says the teacher, “Now [child’s name] is one year old!” The teacher proceeds to tell stories from this year and to hold up or point to the pictures on the board. This continues until the child’s present age. The child can then blow out the candle to make a wish, and treats are enjoyed. (adapted from Foothills Montessori)

Circle Celebration