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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Getting Ready for Winter Festival of the Arts

Here's everything you need to know about the
Winter Festival of the Arts

How do I help?
Click here to see the online Volunteer Sign Up form.

When & how to arrive:
Parents, families and visitors can arrive with their children at 8:30 AM or anytime before 9:45 am.
There is usually adequate parking on campus, but the lot may fill up and street parking may be necessary.
Please do not park in Hughes reserved spaces (you will be asked to move your car).
Before the music performances begin at 10 AM in the Hughes sanctuary, visitors can wait in the sanctuary or browse the book fair.
Thanks to everyone who helps with set up or as a greeter!
Food items should be delivered to the Social Hall by 9 am.

What should my child wear?
We recommend that children wear ‘holiday attire’ or however you interpret ‘nicer than normal clothing’.

What's the Book Fair and Raffle?
The Festival Book Fair is an opportunity for visitors to purchase books to read over winter vacation.
Sales take place in the Sanctuary atrium from 8:30 am to 10 am and in the Social Hall from 10:45 to 11:30 am.
Books should be returned and donated to the Evergreen library in January.
You can purchase books with a credit card, check or cash.
You can also buy a raffle ticket from ESPA to win a Birthday Party at SilverStars Gymnastics valued at $375 and the Fancy Cats Memory Game
Thanks to everyone who buys a book!

What happens during & after musical performances?
Each class performs in the Hughes sanctuary and the music portion ends with an all school finale.
Primary and Elementary children sit in the first three rows, Toddlers sit in the balcony.
Following the performances, all children and their guests are invited to the Art Exhibit in the Social Hall.
Refreshments are provided and the Book Fair continues there as well.
Thanks to everyone who brings refreshments and treats!
Please take your child's art home with you.

Will the event be recorded?
There is not an official school video of the performances.
The Sanctuary has large video monitors to ensure all visitors can get a good view.
If you would like to record your child's performance, please stand in the side aisles.

How does it all end?
Parents are free to take their children home at any time during the Art Exhibit.
Please be sure to notify your child’s teacher that you are taking him or her home.
It is not necessary to sign out from the office unless you can’t locate your child’s teacher.
The event ends at 11:45 am
Thanks to everyone who helps with clean up!
Please take your platters and all left over food with you.