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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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New Parent Orientation & Back-to-School Night

New Parent Orientation and Back-to-School Night are two important annual events that help new and returning families get ready for the school year ahead.

Events are recommended for parents only.

New Parent Orientation takes place at 4:30 pm on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend in the third floor music room.  The program is designed to help makes children's transitions as smooth as possible and reduce any parents' first-day anxiety. New parents will learn about basic school routines and procedures including morning drop off, pick up, lunch, snacks, extended day, extra sets of clothing, and more.  We'll introduce teachers and staff, review the resources in the online parent portal and more.  New parents will learn about ESPA, our parents' association and our Board of Trustees. We'll also have a q&a session. Foods served: cookies and lemonade.

Back-to-School Night takes place on the second Wednesday in September. We begin with a reception for all parents, faculty and staff in first floor Social Hall.   You will have the chance to mingle with other community members and eat from a light buffet. We begin at 7 with remarks from the Head of School and a welcome from the Board of Trustees and Parent Association.  Parents will spend 45 minutes or so in their childs classroom and hear about the year ahead from their child's teachers.  Parents will learn about the curriculum, classroom policies, communication, daily schedules, special events, field trips and more. Foods served: turkey wraps, grapes, cookies and water.

We look forward to seeing you!