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Our Accomplished Alumni

At the Parent Association (ESPA) meeting last Friday, we had the extraordinary opportunity to hear from a few recent Evergreen alumni, Oliver FoleyMaya KirschEmily Klein and Harry White. These children are now in the fifth through ninth grade at top area schools (St. Anselm’s Abbey, MCPS, Sidwell Friends and Lowell School, respectively).

These four alumni answered parents’ questions and talked about their Evergreen experiences. They discussed what their Montessori education means to them and they reflected on their transitions to new fourth grades.

Our graduates exhibited extraordinary confidence, maturity and poise in front of a large crowd of adults. Best of all, they eloquently expressed how Evergreen had nurtured their intellectual curiosity and their sense of responsibility to their school communities.

They talked about how academically prepared they were at Evergreen, how they made new friends (and kept old ones), and how they applied lessons from their Elementary classroom to their new schools.

It was a wonderful chance to see just how we fulfill our mission: “When your child graduates from Elementary, he/she will be:

  1. Academically prepared to succeed in any independent, public, religious 4th grade,
  2. A confident and enthusiastic learner,
  3. A capable leader, and
  4. Caring and emotionally attuned to the feelings of others.”

We are indescribably proud of our alums. I am grateful to them (and their parents who also spoke), our faculty and our ESPA team for giving us the opportunity to celebrate our school and its successes together.