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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Why Evergreen?

Here are just a few reasons:

The most distinguishing characteristic of Evergreen School is the quality and expertise of our faculty.  Our teachers are committed to the Montessori philosophy of education.  As such, their strongly held beliefs in the capability and dignity of each child lead to a learning community based on respect.  It is an environment characterized by collaboration, kindness and a strong sense of mission and purpose.

The welcoming feeling in the school building comes from the sense of trust shared between children, teachers and families. Our teachers experience a powerful sense of satisfaction from seeing their students learning, growing and making progress.  Our teachers are personally invested in the success of each of their students. This commitment is the foundation of our community spirit.

A significant reason why our teachers choose to work at Evergreen is our small class size and the intimate nature of our community.  Evergreen is a place that values knowing each child individually.  We are unique among Montessori schools for having such small classes and a low student/teacher ratio.

Our teachers are committed to their profession.  Lead teachers have all participated in rigorous Montessori training programs.  And they eagerly pursue continuing education and life-long learning about child development.  In addition to participating in national Montessori conferences, they attend local and regional workshops to stay abreast with current trends in education.

Following the Montessori Method, we believe that each child should have a personalized learning experience in which the level of challenge is appropriately set for each child.  No child is overwhelmed, frustrated or bored by lessons presented.  Children experience the right level of challenge, in an environment with high expectations so they continue to make progress.

The broad diversity of our community is a major strength; here is a place that all can call home.

EvergreenAnother key attribute of our program is our comprehensive program.  At Evergreen, we believe that every child has multi-faceted interests and passions.  Our Montessori classroom program is complemented by specials including music, art, physical education, library and Spanish.  By participating in specials twice each week, children experience continuity of their learning. Outdoor recess every day in an all-natural Playgarden gives our students the essential opportunity to connect with nature and have the kind of free play and social time that is vital to physical, social and emotional development.

Our facility provides the backdrop where all these activities take place. Our full-sized gym, art, music and library spaces are essential for carrying out our comprehensive program.

The quality of the Evergreen experience comes from our philosophy, our size and our structure. Most of all, it comes from our teachers and parent community who work hand-in-hand together to provide our children with the very best opportunities to learn and grow.

And finally, it is the happiest place I know!