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Winter Festival 2016

winter festival

We Light This Candle.

Welcome to Winter Festival.

Our theme is Light a Candle for Peace.
As we light it together, we are expressing our hope for peace around the world.
In places like Aleppo and Mosul, Turkey and Berlin, we hope for peace.

We also light this candle for peace in our country.

Evergreen children sing: this land is our land,
From the Statue of Liberty to I Have a Dream,
We are a nation conceived in liberty.
We are dedicated to the idea that all are created equal.
We appreciate the blessings of a diverse society,
And we believe everyone has the right be treated with respect.

We light this candle for our national parks and national heroes,
Those who work to protect our environment, uphold justice and fairness and equality,
And for those who worship in churches like this and for those of us who worship in synagogues, mosques and elsewhere:

We light this candle for our children.

This land is their land.
This future is their future.

May this candle bring light to us all.