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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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In the News

In between covering crime and political hearing, Aline Barros, a reporter for the Silver Spring Gazette took time to visit Evergreen School. She learned about our history, our Montessori program and  plans for our 50th anniversary.  Like many adults, Aline never imagined how much learning, concentration and growth can take place in a student-centered, loving classroom. “Students at Evergreen School in Silver Spring are making time to celebrate their school’s 50th anniversary between cooking...

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Anniversary Photo Project

In celebration of our 50th year, we are launching our photo archive project. Click a year to see our progress to date.

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A Day in the Life at Evergreen

A quick look at a day in the life of Evergreen…

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Marilynn Liotta Tree House Dedication

Over 250 current and alumni families, past and present faculty members of Evergreen Montessori School in Silver Spring, Maryland dedicated a new custom-designed Tree House play structure in honor of the 30-year career of Primary Division Director Marilynn Liotta.  The dedication of the Tree House took place at the school’s annual Spring Festival and featured a violin recital and choral concert. Guest speakers included Mrs. Lynn Pellaton who served as Head of School from 1972 to 1996.

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Spring Festival 2014

Spring is the season to celebrate new life, flowers and everything that grows.  Just as Raffi sings– Everything grows and grows/ Babies do/ Animals too/ Everything grows. Our school-wide celebration includes musical performances, a violin recital, a delicious selection of pasteries and juices and the dedication of the Marilynn Liotta Tree House in our award-winning playgraden.  After 30 years of lover, leadership and service to the children of Evergreen School, we are honoring Ms. Liotta’s...

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A Spectacular Evening

It’s no secret that I loved the auction.  Each element, large and small, came together flawlessly.  And none of it could have been possible with the dedicated leadership and vision of co-chairs Kim Cantor and Cori Lathan, decoration chair Donna Kerr, their steering committee, their spouses and countless volunteers.  I am indebted to them for this unforgettable event.

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Esteemed Elders' Day

Welcome to Evergreen School and Esteemed Elders’ Day. This is a special event in a special year.  Soon we will be celebrating our 50thanniversary. The school was formally chartered in December 1964.

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Elementary Math

Is there anything all Americans agree on? Not much. Here is one thing: math education here could be a whole lot better.

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It's Elementary

The first thing you notice is the quiet.  What you can’t hear is the sound of children discovering their capacity to learn. Stepping into our Elementary classroom invites you to whisper.  Why is it so quiet?  It takes a few seconds to register that this isn’t perfect silence; there are sotto voce conversations all around the room. These discussions are serious, focused and calm.

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Checking Out in the Library

The Evergreen library is the place where our children go to explore, discover and dream.  With 3,041 books in our collection, there are nearly endless shelves of books to read, adventures to lead, ideas to consider and facts to learn.  The library is the beloved cornerstone of our literacy program. 

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