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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Masquerade in the Haunted Garden

An evening at a Venetian Masquerade Ball or a Nightmare in Chevy Chase? Either way, this year’s Evergreen Auction will be spectacular!

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Learning How to Learn

When did you learn how to learn?  For many of us, this insight was gained when we recognized that we are the ones most responsible for our achievement. Learning to learn means knowing yourself, making a plan, and taking initiative. Our Montessori approach, particularly in the Elementary class, emphasizes the individual responsibility that each student takes in his or her own active learning.  Student choice, one-on-one lessons, and personal work plans all help children see themselves as primary...

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Remember that list of attributes of high achieving 21st century kids? Perseverance, curiosity, self-control, optimism and conscientiousness.  Essential yes, but incomplete. Gratitude may be the most important but overlooked virtue.  The benefits of a grateful attitude are well known, including greater emotional well-being and a more positive mood.

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Why We Cook

The 5 words your child uses to assure you that he is growing up confident, capable, and secure: I can do it myself. Of all the skills your child needs to be independent and responsible, being able to prepare and enjoy nourishing food is near the top.  Cooking is one of Montessori’s most important practical life skills. Read the full post here.

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Library Expansion

The Evergreen library is growing.  This year we have issued all new library cards that make it possible for children to check out up to three books per week.  We added 58 feet of shelving, too.

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Evergreen Reunion 2013

More than thirty-five former parents and students gathered at Seneca State Park in early October to reconnect and re-live Evergreen memories. Why did so many attend?  Mainly this: Evergreen friendships last.  It was friendship that inspired John and Ronda Kent to plan the superb reunion. It was friendship that inspired the Gowducheruvu family to drive over four hours from Pennsylvania to attend.  Relationships like these are at the heart of Evergreen. Evergreen memories and friendships live on!

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Washington Parent Features Evergreen and Montessori Schools

Read what Washington parent says about Montessori Schools. Click to read the full article in Washington Family Magazine.

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Meet Ms. Nina Mahboubi

We welcome Ms. Nina Mahboubi to Evergreen School.  Ms. Nina will be working in Ms. Tobin’s classroom and leading an afternoon Nest class.  Nina is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she received a Bachelor of Arts as a Studio Art major. She is an aspiring Montessori lead teacher; she is creative, organized and patient. She comes to Evergreen School after working as a 5-year old class teacher at KinderCare.  Nina has also been an art teacher at the Islamic School of Potomac and an...

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Art Starts

Evergreen begins the year with an all new art program led by Ms. Rebecca Tobin. Supporting the program is Ms. Virginia Spivey. Over the summer, Evergreen redesigned its art space to include new furniture and materials to make the space perfect for creating and exploring. All children 4 and above will participate in this wonderful afternoon program.

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Evergreen Becomes Member of the Black Student Fund

Evergreen recently became a member of the Black Student Fund (BSF).  I am thrilled to be part of this organization that has helped so many DC area students and their families have access to quality education.  Evergreen has a long history of leadership in diversity issues in independent schools.  We have been recognized as the most racially and culturally diversity member of the Assiation of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS). As the BSF website says:

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