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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Meet Ms. Nina Mahboubi

We welcome Ms. Nina Mahboubi to Evergreen School.  Ms. Nina will be working in Ms. Tobin’s classroom and leading an afternoon Nest class.  Nina is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she received a Bachelor of Arts as a Studio Art major. She is an aspiring Montessori lead teacher; she is creative, organized and patient. She comes to Evergreen School after working as a 5-year old class teacher at KinderCare.  Nina has also been an art teacher at the Islamic School of Potomac and an...

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Art Starts

Evergreen begins the year with an all new art program led by Ms. Rebecca Tobin. Supporting the program is Ms. Virginia Spivey. Over the summer, Evergreen redesigned its art space to include new furniture and materials to make the space perfect for creating and exploring. All children 4 and above will participate in this wonderful afternoon program.

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Evergreen Becomes Member of the Black Student Fund

Evergreen recently became a member of the Black Student Fund (BSF).  I am thrilled to be part of this organization that has helped so many DC area students and their families have access to quality education.  Evergreen has a long history of leadership in diversity issues in independent schools.  We have been recognized as the most racially and culturally diversity member of the Assiation of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS). As the BSF website says:

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Meet the Camp Staff

Our new summer programs start soon. We are so excited to welcome our wonderful new summer staff members!

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Everything Grows

Everything Grows! was the theme of our 2013 Spring Festival. Just as one event can’t fully capture the spirit of the school year, one picture can’t capture the spirit of the event.  But here is our best try:

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You Make the World a Beautiful Place

At a school like ours, we rely on the parent involvement and volunteerism to make us great. Study after study demonstrates that active, involved and engaged parents make the greatest difference for children. The Evergreen School Parents Association (ESPA)  held its final school-wide meeting of the year.  Reflecting on ESPA’s accomplishments, it is clear that Evergreen would not be the place it is without ESPA’s leadership and all the significant volunteers efforts of our parents.  We all owe...

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An Enchanted Evening

The Evergreen community spent an enchanted evening “down the rabbit hole” at the Wonderland Auction on April 27.  Thanks to the creative energy of our wonderful auction committee, guests were treated to phantasmagorical night like no other. Special thanks to Kim Cantor, Donna Kerr, Anke Mann, Jen Rusiecki, Joy McCarty, Cori Lathan, and Christopher Mattox for their organizational skills and pure energy. See event pictures here.

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Elementary Play: Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock

Our Elementary class performed the African trickster tale, Anansi and the Moss-covered Rock for our Toddler and Primary classes this week.  The story told the tale of how Mule Deer outwits Anansi the Spider through his wile and cunning.  The hilarious performance elicited squeals of laughter from the audience. Congratulations to our fine actors and director, Mrs. Hatziyannis and assistant, Mr Evans.

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Evergreen Art... Makes Us

Look around Evergreen. Art is everywhere.  In our classrooms. In our halls and stairwells, too.  And when you look around your life, you’ll see art all around, too.  From artwork in our homes to masterpieces in Washington Museums, we are immersed in art every day. When a child creates a work of art, he establishes a connection as old as civilization itself. She refines her skills and develops mastery over materials.  He develops control over clay, paint, scissors and glue.

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Celebrating Our Music Program

There isn’t a civilization in the world that doesn’t have its own musical tradition.  Why? According to Howard Sacks, physician, neurology professor at NYU and author of Musicophilia: Music can move us to the heights or depths of emotion. It can persuade us to buy something, or remind us of our first date. It can lift us out of depression when nothing else can. It can get us dancing to its beat. But the power of music goes much, much further. Indeed, music occupies more areas of our brain than...

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