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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Evergreen Celebrates Thanksgiving

As we approach the uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving, I encourage all of our families and teachers to keep in mind the many blessings we enjoy within our Evergreen community.  Our shared commitment to respectful behavior, our appreciation of diversity, and our promise to know and care for all children creates the kind of sanctuary that we believe every child needs and deserves.

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Exploring the Art of Eric Carle

Children explored the art of collage and created an assortment of creative creatures!

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Students Lead Manna Food Drive

Our Elementary and Primary Third Year students led a food drive and delivered over 343 pounds of donated food to the Manna Food Center.

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Connections Program

Our Elementary Class is taking a leadership role in a school-wide study of buildings and architecture.  Primary children will join the Elementary for project-based lessons in construction and design.  The program will reinforce the Montessori philosophy of multi-age learning, provide mentoring opportunities and develop stronger school-wide connections. The program launched today with introductions and a student-led lesson on homes around the world.

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Baby and Me Classes Start Soon

See the schedule in the menu above.

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Kensington Labor Day Parade

Are you planning to join us at the Kensington Labor Day Parade? Details coming about where and when to meet.

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Making Connections Across the School

Field trips, like the one to the Philips Collection, enable Primary third year students to get to make friends in the Elementary class.

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Reading Buddies

Primary students and Elementary students read together each week as “Reading Buddies.” It’s one way older children are mentors and younger children get role models to emulate.

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Made in the Shade!

Our new solar shade is keeping campers cool this summer!

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Water Play in the Playgarden

What better to keep cool outside than exploring the physical properties of water?  Sink or float?

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