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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Music Room Renovations Complete

Our music room was updated with performance platform, choral risers, storage for our comprehensive collection of Orff xylophones and more.  Information about our dedication events to come…

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Elementary Graduation

We celebrated our six graduates at the Elementary graduation in June. I am proud to share their plans for next year.  Our third graders have been accepted at several of the most selective independent schools in the DC region.  Among hundreds of applicants, our students stood out for their academic preparation, personal character, intellectual curiosity and maturity.  These qualities will serve them well wherever they go.

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ESPA Picnic

We celebrated the end of our school year with an all school picnic at Wheaton Regional Park organized by the Evergreen School Parents’ Association.

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Piano Party

Our afternoon piano students performed for friends and family at a special year-end recital.  Thank you performers and Ms. Garry!

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Spring Festival 2016

Few events capture the essence of Evergreen like Spring Festival. Thanks to our families, parents’ association (ESPA), teachers and children for making Saturday such a success.  In addition to the wonderful musical performances led by Ms.Garry, the whole event reflected what makes Evergreen wonderful– the relaxed, joyful feel of the community was tangible. It wouldn’t be that way without everyone’s skill, dedication, support and teamwork. Thank you bake sale bakers! View pictures.

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Circle Ceremony

Evergreen celebrated the cycle of the year at our last day of school Circle Celebration with recreation of the Earth’s orbit on Friday, June 3.  Log into our SmugMug photo site to see more pictures.

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Caribbean Nights Gala

Evergreen celebrated island life with a reggae band, dancing and more at our annual gala and auction on Saturday, April 30.  Log into our SmugMug photo site to see more pictures.

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Esteemed Elders' Day Welcome

Welcome to Esteemed Elders’ Day! The benefits of being an Esteemed Elder starts with the job description: Your first responsibility—maybe your only responsibility—is to enjoy spending time with your grandchild.  You exist to share all the joys of learning, growing and discovering the world.  And (this is a big deal) at the end of the day, you can still come and go as you please.

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After Evergreen

In two fitting ways, Evergreen children are the Very Hungry Caterpillars in Eric Carle’s book. First, they are voracious. They are ravenous to learn things, to do things and to figure things out (not justhungry for fruit and junk food). Second, our children have been warmly nestled in cozy classroom cocoons—with caring teachers in a safe, nurturing place to learn.

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The Heart is the Center

Ask any Evergreen student to find her heart, and she’ll immediately put a hand to her chest. Our children seem to naturally know that the heart is the center of life and love.

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