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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Why Evergreen School?

The most distinguishing characteristic of Evergreen School is the quality and expertise of our faculty.  Our teachers are committed to the Montessori philosophy of education.  As such, their strongly held beliefs in the capability and dignity of each child lead to a learning community based on respect.  It is an environment characterized by collaboration,

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New Water Tower

Outdoor play and natural discovery are an essential part of childhood. And sand and water are essential, universal elements of our natural environment. Our new sand and water system allows children hands-on exploration of their physical features in our all natural Playgarden.

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Emily is Head of School

Hi I’m Emily. I was Head of School at Evergreen today. I am in the Elementary class. I am graduating this year. Next year I am going to Sidwell Friends School. I came to Evergreen four years ago. I was in Ms. Liotta’s class when I started. My brother, Joshua, is in Mr. Bingcang’s class.

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Circle Celebration

Evergreen will close the school year on June 5 with our annual Circle Celebration. The Circle Celebration is our annual commemoration of the school year and the earth’s journey around the sun. It follows the Celebration of Life Birthday tradition, but expands it to the life of the school during the past calendar year– from summer to the end of the school year in June.

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Program Robots at Evergreen Summer

Program robots at Evergreen Summer! Researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have developed a system for that encourages children and robots to learn together. Read more here:

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Building & Growing: 2015 Strategic Plan

In 2008, Evergreen School Board of Trustees formally adopted a new strategic plan.  The document was a commitment to long range planning and a strategic vision for the future of the school. Now, in 2015, the Board of Trustees  reviewed the progress of the school as it relates to the goals of the plan. Additionally, the Board, identified specific objectives to be accomplished before the plan expires. Please click here to see the 2015 Plan.

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Introducing Parent and Me Classes

Who: Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers of children ages 6 to 24 months. When: 8 Wednesday mornings, beginning January 7th, from 9:30 to 11:00 am at Evergreen School. How: contact Carrie Weitzman at

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International Day 2014

It’s a highlight: each year we invite parents to share their heritage in 20-minute classroom presentations. Presenters tell stories and bring artifacts such as photos, maps, music or food. International Day is an important way we celebrate our diversity.  This year we will wrap up the event with an assembly, all-school song and drumming performance. Central to Evergreen’s mission is respect for the dignity of every person.  It follows that Evergreen is committed to the ideals of equity and...

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Observing in a Classroom

Many parents say that their Classroom Observation is a highlight of the year.  Deep observing can help adults re-frame the idea of what ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ really mean. The observation is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse of what life is like in your child’s classroom. After your visit, I am sure you’ll have a greater appreciation of the logic and beauty of the Montessori approach.

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Pizza in the Playgarden

Over thirty children and thirty parents gathered on Friday evening for Pizza in Playgarden.  Raj Jagannathan and the Parents’ Association organized the event as a stress-free way to bring families together.  Our goal has always been to promote participation in a relaxed, family-friendly way. Thank you, ESPA!

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