hatziyannis_hannon_group_210167Grades 1-3

Our Elementary students are more than prepared to succeed at the next academic level; they are prepared to make a difference in the world.

Our Elementary program is designed for the needs of first through third grade children. However, our Montessori classroom is very different—and superior to—traditional classrooms.

One key difference is our co-teacher model with two master teachers: Mrs. Hannon and Mrs. Hatziyannis. Each child is exceptionally well known and loved.

We IMG_0800offer:

  • An intimate, caring classroom community.
  • A calm, organized place to learn and grow.
  • Two experience teachers work one-on-one and in small groups with each child.
  • Students move at their own pace.
  • World cultures and geography, art, and history are woven throughout the curriculum.

The Evergreen Difference

  • Our teachers are guides, not lecturers.
  • Children benefit from active learning and hands-on experiences.
  • There’s not a one-size-fits all curriculum that leaves some children bored and others frustrated.
  • The classroom is full of hands-on materials– not worksheets.
  • Children solve problems and think, instead of memorize isolated facts with little context.

 A ClassroomMontessori Elementary Graduation ceremony with candle Community

The mixed age classroom has academic and social benefits. First, children learn with and from each other. Older children model good work habits and produce exemplar work for the younger students to emulate. Second, instead of competing with each other, students grow into a community, and practice social skills every day.  

No Bullies Allowed

One reason why our Elementary classroom is so peaceful is because of the strong leadership of older children. They work with the teachers to set the tone in the class; they take responsibility to make sure everyone is treated with kindness.  When conflict occurs, older children are well equipped to act as problem solvers and mediators—and teachers are nearby to guide or intervene as well. This kind of dynamic can’t happen in a single-graded class.

And Beyond

Children who complete the three-year cycle in the Elementary class make easy transitions to public and private fourth grades.

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