Ages 2 to 3

Our Toddler program provides a home-like environment in which children feel loved and safe to explore, develop and learn. With three experienced teachers, our program ensures each child is cared for every moment of the day.

The Toddler year is a time for incredible growth. Children have an extraordinary sensitivity to language, spatial relationships, music, art, social expectations, and more. During this time, our children benefit for the enriched environment of hands-on learning activities.

We offer:

  • A place where each child is exceptionally well known and loved.
  • An intimate, caring classroom community.
  • 3 experienced teachers and only 12 children.
  • Materials that engage children’s minds and hands in active learning.
  • Individual pacing ensures optimal learning.
  •  One-on-one and small group work.
  • Support for toilet training and hygene skills.
  • Music,  library, P.E. and Creative Movement enrich learning.


Toddlers learn new words every day. Language is an integral part of the classroom as our three teachers describe materials, read stories, and encourage verbalization. When ready, children learn letter sounds– the beginning of reading. Students are exposed to language in books and read alouds, objects, pictures, and conversation.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills include pre-mathematical skills as problem solving, sequencing, grouping, number skills, and more. These skills are developed using engaging materials.

Practical Life

Children learn to care for themselves by using child-sized materials. They pour from small pitchers, wipe tables with small sponges, serve snacks using small tongs, and more.  In addition, our teachers work with families to determine a routine for toileting. Students learn to be independent with their hygiene like washing hands and blowing noses.


Social lessons begin with the most basic method of teaching: by example. Teachers model how to share, say please and thank you, push in chairs, and act respectfully to others. Children are taught to care for materials and nature through lessons and by example.

Sensory and Motor Activities

Children experiment with shapes, colors, sizes, and sounds to refine their abilities to classify and categorize. Toddlers practice creative work such as cutting, gluing, coloring, and painting.

Motor activities include those that focus on fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills, and involve eye-hand coordination, visual acuity, and manual dexterity.

Specials: Music, PE and Library

Toddlers participate in classes taught by specialists including music, PE and library. These programs introduce Toddlers to music making, creative movement and language.  Toddlers participate in specially designed field trips as well.

A Day in Toddler

8:25-8:40 Arrivals
8:40-9:00 Circle Time
9:00-11:00 Work Time (Snacks, Music, P.E., or Library)
11:00-11:45 Recess
11:45-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:45 Story Time and Nap
3:00 Dismissal