Poplar Specialty Camps (ages 6-10)

Campers explore exciting themes through science, cooking, art, and animal encounters. With specialty instructors each week, children focus on their areas of interest while having fun and learning. In addition In addition to choosing their specialty programs for half the day, children participate in weekly crafts, drama, cooking projects, and more. They play games, age-appropriate sports, and swim at the pool.


Program Hours: 8:30am -3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day Options)

Program Fee: $340/session

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Camp Questions? Email Stephanie Ugol or call 301-942-5979 x101.

Session Descriptions:

Session 1: June 19—July 23 Art Focus: Mardi Gras

Beads & Bling! Build a sparkle-tastic-mini-float, design a fabulous, feathery mask, create a mosaic of many colors and much more in this Mardi-Gras inspired art session.

Session 2: June 26—June 30  Art or Science Focus: Infinity & Beyond

Art Option: Space Crafts! Psychedelic solar system necklaces, 3 dimensional aliens, luminescent lights and more out-of-this world art projects await your camper’s imagination!

Science Option: Funky Forces! Children will play engineer, chemist—and stunt pilot! Children will investigate physics fundamentals and bring their scientific minds to basic magic tricks. Your Mad Scientists will be shocked by what they learn about electricity, blown away by their experiments with air pressure, and swept away by the excitement of working with waves.

Session 3*: July  3, 5 —7 Art or Cooking: Red White Blue

Mad Science will visit with a Spectacular Science workshop, including safe and spectacular indoor fireworks!

Art Option: Holiday Craftabulous!  Fabulous crafts from some of our favorite holidays! Celebrate with crafts such as patriotic paper mâché, velvety valentines, glittery ghosts, lucky leprechauns and more!

Cooking Option: Every Day a Holiday! Get ready for a week of delicious celebrations as we whip up Thanksgiving pumpkin parfaits, Fourth of July cupcakes, Valentine’s Day chocolate raspberry mousse cups, Halloween spider web pizzas, and Cinco de Mayo veggie quesadillas with guacamole, plus much more!

Session 4: July 10—14 Art or Cooking Focus: Backyard Exploration

Art Option: Nature Crafts! Dazzling dragonflies, precious planters, scary scarecrows, and more innovative crafts will be constructed this week! Campers will use natural items from outdoors, recycled objects and more to make unique works of art!

Cooking Option: Delights of the Garden! This is the perfect introduction to learn about vegetarian cooking. Some of the yummy meals we will be creating are veggie chili, taco dips, maple berry rice pudding, pumpkin pancakes and many more delicious vegetarian recipes!

Session 5: July 17—21 Art or Animal Studies Focus: Animal Planet Week!

Art Option: Art-tastic Animals! Ornamental owls, plush puppet puppies, feathered friends, silky sea creatures and more imaginative animals will (almost!) come to life this week! Join us for a roaring good time as we experiment with fabric, feathers, found objects and more!

Animal Studies Option: Animals Around the World Meet and learn about real, live, animals from around the world! Under close adult supervision, participants will hold, pet, and/or feed two or more live animals each day. Camp includes birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and invertebrates from 6 of the 7 continents, with discussion about their native habitats. Topics include proper animal handling, basic biology, animal behavior, animals’ jobs in nature, biomes, and geography. There will be coloring and/or crafts related to the animals.

Session 6: July 24—28 Art or Animal Studies Focus: Jurassic World Week!

Paleontologist Dr. Peter Kranz will have a special presentation this week for all campers.

Art Option: Dazzling Dinosaurs! Journey to the land of the lost to dream up some fantastic flying pterodactyls, tiny t-rex terrariums, silver-y stegosauri and more two and three dimensional dinosaurs!

Animal Studies Option: Ancient Animal Ancestors Meet and learn about real, live, descendants of dinosaurs! Under close adult supervision, participants will hold, pet, and/or feed two or more live animals each day. Camp includes birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, with discussion about their ancient ancestors. Topics include proper animal handling, basic biology, animal behavior, animals’ jobs in nature, geologic periods, and evolution. There will be coloring and/or crafts related to the animals.

Session 7: July 31-August 4 Art of Science Focus: Circus Week!

Fizzical Fairytales leads a circus workshop for all Poplars this week!

Art Option: Enchanted Arts! Magical mirrors, dreamy dragons, wizard wands and more wonders will take shape this exciting week. Join us for a week of magic-making with multiple mediums!

Science Option: Experimentamania! Experimentamania is full of different experiments! Children will uncover the vital role that science plays in detective work, examine the science behind popular toys and get a buzz out the amazing world of insects! Your Mad Scientists will explore earth science, weather phenomena, and experiment with some kitchen chemistry. Children will build their own Mad Science Machine, and create their very own short animated cartoon!

Session 8: August 7—11 Art of Science Focus: Seuss—out Week!

Art Option: Seuss-spired Arts! What kind of pet would YOU get? Design your Suess-spired pet, build your own miniwhoville, tiptoe through the truffula trees, craft the ultimate cat hat and more!!

Science Option: Zip Zap Boom! Race around the sciences in this exciting series of classes. Children will experiment with animal calls and take a trip to the bottom of the sea to see how marine life adapts to harsh conditions. Pop, jump and flip into kinetic energy during Energy Burst, and build your own robotic arm. Everyone will get to mix it up during our crazy chemistry class. Each day of this week is sure to be a blast!

Session 9: August 14—18 Art or Cooking Focus: Aloha Week! 

** Closed at 3pm on August 18th.

Art Option: Paradise Found! Everlasting sandcastles, tikki totems, fanciful fish and more island-style imaginative masterpieces will make you feel like you are on vacation all year round!

Cooking Option: Tropical Madness Nothing feels more like summer than going to the Caribbean! We are going to be sipping on wonderful fruit daiquiris made from fresh pineapple, coconuts, papayas and other scrumptious island fruits. The students will be making tropical salsas with mangoes and pineapples, it will feel like island paradise! Seasonings of the tropics are included, such as Jerk and Curry, in fabulous dishes from the islands.


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