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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Acorns (ages 3.5-4) & Sprouts (ages 4-5)


Play-based Day Camp for Ages 3-1/2 to 5

Dive into our weekly themes through fabulous foamy finger paintings, musical-magical moments, dramatic dancing, sensational storytelling and more!

Depending on the theme of the week, campers will either take a field trip or enjoy an entertaining and educational presentation at Evergreen.

Acorn and Sprout campers enjoy swim and play time at the Connecticut Bel Air pool once a week. There is a wading pool for these age groups. Strong swimmers are assessed and can use the larger pool. Campers also enjoy water play at Evergreen once a week.

Napping is available for children who need it. Campers must be potty independent.

Acorns (ages 3-1/2 to 4)

Hours: 8:30am -3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)

Program Fee:

  • Full Day: $325/session
  • Half Day: $225/session

Sprouts (ages 4 to 5)

Hours: 8:30am -3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)

Program Fee:

  • Full Day: $325/session

Registration Information

Camp Questions? Email Stephanie Ugol or call 301-942-5979 x101.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Campology – June 18 – 22

(The study of all that is camp-y!) Can you smell the s’mores and bug juice? Make s’mores and more with Poach, Sizzle, Stir, kumbaya around the (pretend) bon fire, tip toe outside for a “snipe hunt,” create traditional arts & crafts, learn a little (gentle) archery and wear your pajamas while dancing under camper-made stars.

Session 2: Slime-a-go-go – June 25 – 29

Stir up a superabundance of slime and scented dough, swoosh through a shaving cream slip-n-slide, shape sand castles from cornstarch, fashion fabulous finger-paintings, make marbleized masterpieces and blow big, breathtaking bubbles and more! Critters and Conservation will visit with some slippery, smooth and slimy critters!

Session 3: Build-amania – July 2 – 6 (No camp July 4. No early care, July 5)

Build tiny toothpick towers, patriotic popsicle-stick playhouses, fanciful found-object forts, and recycle “rolls” for radical roadster raceways! Safe, age-appropriate materials of all sorts will be used to create imaginative structures. Campers will watch how puppets build from Blue Sky Puppet Theater.

Session 4: Mythical, Magical – July 9 – 13

Follow the will-o’-the-wisp lights to the land of Imps, Nymphs and Unicorns! Make magical music, assemble enchanted arts & crafts, act out adventures from whimsical wonderlands, and stir up a little spooky science! Children will be mesmerized by myriad of mythical and magical fables this week. Magician Michael Cantori will visit us this week!

Session 5: Fantastical Fairytale – July 16 – 20

Whuppity, wonderful worlds of words bring us fairy tales from near and far. Campers will bring stories they know and love to life through dramatic play, creative movement and crafts.  Journey around the world in tales old and new, from the time dinosaurs made chocolate chip cookies to when sea creatures danced to music! Campers will visit the Enchanted Forest at Clark’s Elioak Farm.

Session 6: Pirates & Pirettes – July 23 – 27

Ahoy, matey! Climb aboard our Jolly Roger and follow the map to the buried treasure! Dig for gold, drink some (child-friendly) grog, sing some sea shanties and watch out for sharks! Campers will create their version of the world of pirates and pirettes through stories, dramatic play and boat-loads of creative crafts. A short sea venture is in the works for this week!

Session 7: Rainbows & Raindrops – July 30 – August 3

Paint a polka-dot rainbow, blow blue wind through the leaves, shake your self-made tornado, rain glitter on leaves… and many more weather-like curiosities. What makes a cloud, lightning or a snowflake? Learn more fascinating facts about weather through science experiments, crafts and dancing whichever way the wind blows! Mad Science will demonstrate the use of a hovercraft and more, to help children understand the power of air.

Session 8: Jungle Jamboree – August 6 – 10

Swing on a vine into our Jamboree Jungle, where the ceilings are hung with vines and the walls become the world all around. Jungle sounds are made by camper-built instruments, snacks are tropical-tastic and “wild things” visit from Critters and ConservationWhether you are in the emergent layer or the canopy, there is much to learn, to create and see!

Session 9: Time Travel – August 13 – 17

Travel through time and space with us to a day when dinos walked the earth, eat a medieval feast with kings and queens, blast into outer space to check out some planets, dig a groovy, flower-power day and end up at an out-of-this-world birthday party – for us all! Campers will be visited by a bubbleologist, tie-dye specialists and more!