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Poplars (age 6) Specialty Camps


Age 6

Art, Science, Coding, Cooking, Animals, and Musical Theater

Experience two exciting half-day specialty camps or one fabulous, full-day specialty camp each week. Camps include Animal Studies, Art, Coding, Cooking, “Eat-iquette” Skills, Life Skills, Literary Circles, Musical Theater, Science, Spanish Immersion, Thread Skills and Travel. Poplars will go to the pool Friday mornings.

  • Program Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)
  • Program Fee: $390 

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Camp Questions? Contact Stephanie Ugol at or call 301-942-5979 x101.

Poplar Session Descriptions

Session 1: Diner Delights/Winter in June or Art Immersion – June 17 – 21

AM - Diner Delights - Poach, Sizzle Stir - Mix up miraculous milkshakes, blissful banana pancakes, heavenly honey biscuits, breakfast burritos, banana split strawberries and more!

PM - Winter in June - Cricket’s Critters – Physics and chemistry are vital for winter endurance. Critters change colors, menus, locations - even how they breathe – using different organs!


Full Day - Art ImmersionCREATE - Dive into drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and more. Use a variety of materials, including tempera, watercolor, oil pastels, chalk, and clay.

Session 2: Slimy & Slippery/Musical Theater

AM - Slimy & Slippery - Critters and Conservation – Hold, pet and feed reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Learn proper animal handling, animal behavior and why they feel the way they do.

PM – Musical Theater – Sing, act and dance with Sarah Davis, Evergreen’s Movement Specialist! Explore show elements, such as characters, plot and choreography. The week will end with a performance!


Session 3: Musical Theater/Celebrate the 4th!

AM – Musical Theater - Another dynamic week of song and dance with Sarah Davis! This week will have different content, so campers may want to come both weeks.

PM - Celebrate the 4th! - CREATE - Art projects geared towards parades, fireworks, and the American spirit. The palette will be red, white and BOOM!


Session 4: Asian Flavors or Super Coder – July 8 – 12

Full Day – Asian Flavors – Get ready for Asian adventures with Poach, Sizzle, Stir! Make Pho Soup, Thai curries, Japanese noodles, Chinese moon cakes and more delightful delicacies! Campers will visit Imagination Stage to see the Ballad of Mulan.


Full Day - Super Coder - Learn to code with while creating awesome games, using Scratch, Code Studio, MicroBit and StarWars BB-8! Design and play original games!

Session 5: Wingalicious/Cupcake Decorating or Campistas! – July 15 – 19

AM – WingaliciousCritters and Conservation - Meet birds from all over the world and other tree animals, such as sugar gliders, frogs and snakes. Learn basic biology, food webs and more!

PM – Cupcake Decorating - Poach, Sizzle, Stir - Create perfectly sweet and beautifully decorated rainbow, pink lemonade, cookies and cream and many more delicious cupcakes!


Full Day – Campistas! - Learn Spanish while enjoying summer time fun. Campers spend the day immersed in an exciting part of the Latin American world.

Session 6: Oowey Gooey or Magical Messes/Eat-iquette Skills or Campistas – July 22 – 26 (Choose one AM and one PM camp.)

AM – Oowey Gooey - Cricket’s Critters - The grossest, smelliest, and most bizarre tricks of chemistry (potions!) and physics (contortions!) - called nature!

AM – Magical Messes - CREATE - Use traditional and not-so-traditional art materials to turn messes into magical creations. Explore printmaking, painting, and other messy projects!

PM – Eat-iquette Skills – Explore skills with Terry Melo, such as how to eat properly (think spaghetti!), plan a simple menu and make a balanced meal, create a centerpiece and more!

PM – Campistas! - Learn Spanish while enjoying summer time fun. Campers spend the afternoon immersed in an exciting part of the Latin American world.

Session 7: Wonderland Tea/Mad About Alice or Travel – July 29 – August 2

AM – Wonderland Tea Poach, Sizzle, Stir - Bake yummy Mad Hatter’s Tea Party treats! Tarts, Scones, Pink Flamingo Punch, Tea Cakes and Mad Hatter sandwiches and more!

PM – Mad About AliceCREATE - Make fantastical hats, sculpt desserts for a delicious tea party and illustrate your favorite characters and scenes from the Alice in Wonderland stories.


Full Day – Travel - Enjoy a new adventure each day of the week! This group will take three full-day and two half-day exciting trips around the DC metro area.

Session 8: Imagine the Future/Mammals or Farm to Table – August 5 – 9

AM – Imagine the FutureCREATE - The future and recycling go hand-in-hand. Create works of art, using recyclables and other materials. Imagine robots, flying cars, moon colonies…

PM – Mammals - Cricket’s Critters - Investigate the science behind what makes nature adorable! It takes thermoregulation, homeostasis, metabolization, adaptability and parenting 101!


Full Day - Farm to Table - Harvest at a local farm with Poach, Sizzle, Stir. Cook delicious sweet and savory dishes with seasonal fruits and veggies, while learning fundamental cooking skills.

Session 9: Secret Agent Lab or Valoween or Thread Skills – August 12 – 16

Full Day – Secret Agent LabMad Science – Suspects! Schematics! and Sleuths! Using spy equipment, explore evidence gathering, fingerprinting detection and help solve a crime!


Full Day – ValoweenPoach, Sizzle, Stir – Celebrate the best of two fun holidays with Cupid Kabobs, Heart Pizzas, Halloween Pumpkin Patch Cups, Witches Brew and many more!


Full Day – Thread Skills – Campers learn basic hand and machine sewing skills as they create a pillow or stuffed critter. Terry Melo will teach skills such as ironing, folding clothes and more.