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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Poplars Specialty Camps (ages 6-10)


Ages 6-10

Art, Science, Coding, Cooking, Animals, and Musical Theater

Poplars learn while having fun in half or full-day specialty camps.

Programs include Animal Studies, Clay Animation, Coding, Cooking, Life Skills, Snack Skills, Thread Skills, Musical Theater, Science and Travel.

Unless indicated, specialty camps are partial days. The other part of the day, Poplars participate in field trips, slime-creation, guest presentations, crafts, sports, water play, games and more.

Poplars go to the pool Thursday mornings, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Program Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm
  • Program Fee: $375 (July 4th week – $300)

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Camp Questions? Contact Stephanie Ugol at or call 301-942-5979 x101.

Poplar Session Descriptions

Session 1: Smore’s and More – June 18 – 22

Make s’mores and more with Poach, Sizzle, Stir. Campers will create some scrumptious camping dishes, including Creepy Crawly Bug Juice, Campfire Cone S’mores, Curly Dogs, Fire Nachos, Yummy Gummy Fishing Rods and many more goodies!

Session 2: Slippery, Smooth & Slimy – June 25 – 29

Critters and Conservation introduces two or more slippery, slithery, smooth, or slimy critters each day! Under close adult supervision, campers hold, pet, and feed live animals, including reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Topics include proper animal handling, basic biology, animal behavior, animals’ jobs in nature, food webs, and why they feel the way they do.

Session 3: Fabulous Full Day Specialty Camps – July 2 – 5 (No camp July 4. No early care, July 5)

Option 1: Farm to Table

Who doesn’t love eating a tomato picked straight from the garden? Campers will begin their week by traveling to a farm to do a little harvesting with Poach, Sizzle, Stir. Campers will cook with seasonal fruits and veggies, while learning the fundamental skills of cooking. They will learn self-reliance, techniques and creativity, as they make yummy recipes using fresh produce!

Option 2: Red Hot Robots

Join Mad Science for a scientific journey through circuitry and sensors. Explore several different types of robots….robots that follow lines and sounds, robotic arms and more! Campers will even play tag with robots that you control! Complete the camp by building your own robot to take home! Note: Due a full schedule, Red Hot Robot campers will not go to the pool. (Ages 7 – 10)

Session 4: Clay Animation or Travel – July 9 – 13

Option 1: Clay Animation (Ages 8 – 10 only)

Did you ever want to make your very own animated movie? Students learn to go through all the steps a professional would take, from character creation to construction, sometimes even destruction! Campers will use real animators clay, design sets and work in small groups to make a 3-minute movie with sound and voices! This program will be three exciting, full days with instructor Jesse Turnbull.

Option 2: Travel

Enjoy a new adventure each day of the week! This group will take three full-day and two half-day exciting trips around the DC metro area.

Session 5: Musical Theater or Snack Skills – July 16 – 20

Option 1: Musical Theater

Campers will be immersed in an exciting week of singing, acting, and dancing with Sarah Davis, Evergreen’s Movement and Dance Specialist. Campers will learn show elements, such as characters, plot, choreography and songs. The week will end with a performance!

Option 2: Snack Skills

Campers will have fun preparing their favorite healthy snacks while learning safe food preparation practices. Terry Melo, a former MCPS Consumer Science teacher, will offer opportunities for your child to learn other life skills such social manners, how to wrap gifts, basic first aid and more.

Session 6: Pirate’s Booty or Thread Skills – July 23 – 27

Option 1: Pirate’s Booty

Ahoy ye mateys! Poach, Sizzle, Stir will take to the high seas this week with recipes that will shiver yer timbers! We will create kid and mermaid-friendly delights. Treasure Map Pizzas, Mermaid Sea Punch, Fruit Pirate Swords, Kiddy Corn Chowder and more!

Option 2: Thread Skills

Campers will learn basic hand and machine sewing skills as they create a pillow or stuffed bear. Campers will learn to knit and make a small item. Terry Melo, a former MCPS Consumer Science teacher, will teach learn life skills such how to iron, fold clothes and more.

Session 7: Super Coder or Life Skills – July 30 – August 3

Option 1: Super Coder

Campers will learn how to code while creating awesome games, using Scratch and Code Studio! Design and play original games! Laptops will be provided for this class by

Option 2: Life Skills

Campers will learn useful skills that will promote self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Terry Melo, a former MCPS Consumer Science teacher, will offer opportunities for children to learn skills such social manners, how to iron, fold clothes, wrap gifts, advocate for themselves, basic first aid and more.

Session 8: Super Coder or Jungle Critters – August 6 – 10

Option 1: Super Coder

Campers will learn how to code while creating awesome games, using Scratch and Code Studio! Design and play original games! Laptops will be provided for this class by The curriculum builds gradually, so campers wanting to try two weeks of coding may do so, as long as space is available.

Option 2: Jungle Critters

Join the jungle critters from Critters and Conservation for lots of fun. Animals from jungles throughout the world will join us, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates. Topics include biomes, geography, food webs, relationships between plants and animals, and much more.

Session 9: Fabulous Full Day Camps – August 13 – 17 (Closed at 3:00pm on August 17)

Option 1: Time Travel Tasties

Campers will travel through time with Poach, Sizzle, Stir to learn popular dishes from around the world — Neanderthal Stew, Medieval Bread Bowls, Stonehenge Cakes, Apple Hand Pies from the 13 colonies, caramel custard from the Roaring 20s, and fun fondue from the 1960’s.

Option 2: 3, 2, 1… Blast Off!

This action-packed week will focus on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers will build a number of different rockets and participate in the launching, mission control, propulsion, and finally recovery of the rockets they build. (Ages 7 – 10)