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Evergreen Montessori Primary Room

Our Montessori classrooms are bright, spacious and inviting. Children have room to work in multiple configurations. On a rug, at a table, with a partner and more. Rooms are furnished with every Montessori material and provide the broadest range of learning opportunities.

Evergreen Montessori Toddler Room

Our Toddler room has specially designed furniture specifically sized to fit children ages two to three.  The room provides a place for wet projects, dry work, carpeted areas and more.  The bathroom is designed to support toilet training, too.

All children take part in our music program twice each week. Our teacher, Ms. Garry introduces students to all aspects of music making– from vocals, to rhythm games, to concepts of music theory and instrumentation. Our music room is filled with a broad collection of instruments including Orff xylophones, bells, rhythm instruments and a set of traditional folk ones from around the world.

All children participate in a physical education class taught by a specialist twice each week. Classes emphasize movement and muscle control, games and teamwork. From hula-hoops to scooters, tunnels, balance beams, parachutes, balls and scarves, PE is a place to try new things and develop new skills.

Our 3,041 volume library is the hub of our literacy programs. Students visit for read alouds and check out books. Elementary students use the library’s extensive collection for research in books and in online resources.

Our Art room provides a special location for big, hands-on projects and special presentations. From creating sculpture and painting to recreating the topography of the earth before humans, this room serves as a hub of creativity.

The Evergreen playground offers active play opportunities including climbers, swings, a cottage, three sandboxes and natural features such as stumps, tree trunks and river rocks. With the help of parents, teachers and the community, Evergreen transformed its playground into a sustainable rain garden in 2011. The garden won a top environmental prize in the Keep Montgomery County Beautiful Contest by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.