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Board of Trustees

Evergreen School, Inc is a non-profit educational institution. 

The School is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for determining the mission and strategic plan of the School, establishing overall policy, assuring the school’s financial stability and selecting, supporting and assessing the Head of School. The Head of School is responsible for the oversight of the daily operations of the School and for the implementation of Board policies.

The Board of Trustees is made up of current parents, alumni parents, and community leaders. The Board strives for diversity in the backgrounds and skills of trustees. All members share a common institutional commitment to maintain the character, philosophy, and fiscal health of Evergreen School.

The Board also endeavors to follow best practices of boards of trustees of independent schools. In this effort, the Board seeks guidance from the National Association of Independent School (NAIS), Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) and Independent School Management (ISM).

2023-2024 Board Roster

  • Abigail Dalton (President)
  • Roxanne Brown (Vice President)
  • Gayatri Saxena (Tresurer) 
  • Phillip Olaya (Secretary)
  • Alyssa Betz
  • Dan Dombkowski
  • Aimee Farley
  • Beth France
  • Jennifer Grizzard
  • CT Harry
  • Sharon Hedgepeth
  • Daniel Rosenthal
  • Vanessa Stiffler-Claus
  • Michael Temba

What is the Evergreen Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees ensures the stability, mission, and financial security of Evergreen School through strategic leadership and planning. Trustees are not involved in the day-to-day operations, rather they are responsible for establishing policy direction and strategic goals for the school. The Trustees hire and oversee the Head of Evergreen School and serve a fiduciary duty to the school’s sound financial management.

What are some of the job responsibilities of Board members?

  • Adhere to the  (from the National Association of Independent Schools).
  • Stay fully informed about current operations at the school by regularly attending Board meetings and being well prepared for the meetings by reviewing materials in advance.
  • Establish and implement the school’s strategic plan and strategic financial plan and various policies to ensure the fiscal health of the school.
  • Set the annual budget for the school and monitor the implementation of the budget.
  • Act as fiduciaries of the school and periodically review the operating results of Evergreen School.
  • Support and Evaluate the Head of School.

How much time do Board members commit to serving?

Board service requires the commitment of time. Every Board member is extremely busy, so every effort is made to ensure that time is used efficiently.

Board members are expected to meet monthly at the school (some meetings are held via video conference). Members are expected to serve on a standing committee and attend an annual half-day retreat.

In order to serve effectively, Board members should prepare for meetings, complete committee assignments, respond promptly to Board emails and participate in school-wide activities.

What are the financial commitments as a Trustee?

Trustees are committed to the stability and growth of Evergreen. To this end, Trustees are expected to make Evergreen among their top philanthropic priorities and support the school’s various fundraising events.

How long do Trustees serve on the Board?

Typically, this is a three-year commitment.

Who are the current Trustees?

Who are the current Trustees? A diverse group of current-parents, past-parents, and community members with experience in education, non-profit, law, finance, fundraising, government, among other fields. A list of members and officers can be found on the Evergreen School website, in the governance section. Feel free to check out further details on their professional experience by taking a look at their LinkedIn profile.

Why should I apply to become a Trustee?

• Serving as a Trustee allows for you to make a significant impact on Evergreen’s current and future students.

• Serving as a Trustee is a rich opportunity for professional development and leadership skill building.

• Trustees gain insight in to the business of education, independent school leadership, and nonprofit organizations.

How do I apply?

The Board of Trustees recruits new members each spring. Interested persons should complete the application and send it with a resume to the Chair of the Governance Committee. All candidates will be asked to meet and interview with current Trustees before being voted on by the full Board at the annual meeting in May. New Trustees are required to attend orientation and the annual Board retreat in June. If you are interested in joining the Board of Trustees, please contact the Governance Chair at [email protected]