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Re-opening Plan and Remote Contingency

June 26, 2020

Dear Evergreen families,

As we look forward to the new school year (and late summer programs), we are continuing to (1) develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that Evergreen remains a healthy environment when we reopen, (2) enhance our Remote Learning Plan in case of additional time out of the building, and (3) plan for financial considerations for families and tuition credits in the event of prolonged closures. 

The guiding principle in all our decision-making is the safety of our entire community including students, teachers, and staff. Our second principle is to provide to our children with the kind of authentic Montessori classroom experience that is a hallmark of Evergreen School. Our third principle is to recognize the burden that remote learning places on our families while continuing to compensate our highly dedicated and qualified teachers and staff.

Health Practices and Protocols

We face tremendously complex circumstances caused by the pandemic. We are working through the challenges of returning to campus safely while recognizing that it is the nature of children to explore the world physically and seek tactile contact with the environment.  The Administrative Team expects to have our new Handbook of Health Practices and Protocols complete by Friday, July 10.  It will contain extensive information about revised protocols for cleaning and disinfecting, masks, health checks, group size, physical distancing, visitor policies, pick up procedures and more.

Revised Remote Learning Plan

As you know, for the past 14 weeks, the risk of viral transmission required us to “shelter in place” and transition to remote learning. We appreciate the enormous flexibility, effort and sacrifice this change required on the part of our families and teachers. Remote Learning was the best option under the circumstance to support our children’s continued development. Now, our faculty is using time this summer to prepare in case additional remote learning is required. They are refining the Remote Learning Plan to include more synchronous small group meetings, afternoon content and additional resources based on parent feedback and their own observations and reflections. The Revised Remote Learning Plan will be complete by August 3.

Tuition Adjustments for Remote Learning

And finally, we recognize that remote learning is not a complete substitute for face-to-face learning, particularly for our youngest students.  In case that additional remote learning is required in 2020-2021, the Board of Trustees has developed a two-step financial plan that provides tuition reductions and credits for parents of Toddler and Primary children. 

In step one, after the first ten days of remote learning, all full-day Toddlers and Primary First Year (three year olds) students’ tuition will be reduced to Toddler or Primary half-day rates for up to ten weeks.

In step two, also after the first ten days of remote learning, Toddler half-day tuition will be reduced by an additional 25% and all Primary tuition will be reduced by 15% for up to ten weeks. 



Tuition Credit

Toddler Half-Day

25% credit up to 10 weeks

Toddler Full-Day

Reduction from Full Day to Half Day tuition and an additional tuition credit of 25% up to 10 weeks

Primary 1 (3 year olds)
– Half Day

Half-day tuition at 15% credit up to 10 weeks

Primary 1 (3 year olds)
– Full Day

Reduction from Full Day to Half Day tuition and an additional tuition credit of 15% up to 10 weeks

Primary 2 and 3 (4 & 5 year olds)
– Full and Half Day

15% credit up to 10 weeks


Tuition reductions will take the form of credits for upcoming tuition payments or may be donated to the school to be used for financial aid.  Special COVID-19 financial aid is available for families whose financial circumstances have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. Please contact Kara Stegeman, Director of Admissions ([email protected]) to learn more.

Again, our commitment is to return to school in accordance with health and safety guidance provided by Montgomery County and Maryland authorities and to continue to provide our students with an outstanding Montessori experience. We will follow up soon with updates and additional information as soon as possible. I am grateful for your support of Evergreen.

 Kind regards,

Kate Greene                                        John DeMarchi
President, Board of Trustees               Head of School