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Teacher Spotlight: Liz Duncan, Toddler Lead Teacher

Teacher Spotlight

Liz Duncan, Toddler Lead Teacher

I grew up in Reston, Virginia.   After college I moved to Washington, DC and back in August of 2020 I bought my first house in Hyattsville, MD.  

Years ago I was in need of  a summer job and came upon a position at a child care center teaching two-year olds.  I applied for the position and was hired to work in the two-year olds  room.  When I started I thought this would be a passing job, but I absolutely fell in love with the age group.  Everything was so exciting for them; the love they have for learning, never giving up, and that look in their eyes when they had the a-ha moment after having mastered an activity had me hooked.  Ever since that summer I knew my life-long career would be to teach young children. My love of young aspiring minds who are eager to learn has kept me motivated over the years.

I am the youngest in my family.  I have two older brothers, a lovely sister in law, a niece who is 11 and a nephew who is 6.  My mom and dad still live in Reston, VA with their basset hound Charlie and their big black cat Gus.   Oh and I can’t forget that I got married last May to a very nice young man named Colin. We have a pet rabbit named Luna Bun Bun and a snake named Duke who is 25 years old. Maybe for my birthday this year I will get a puppy. 

What is your favorite thing about Evergreen?

There is so much!  The teachers here are so wonderful and helpful.  They have made me so warm and fuzzy inside.  Also, the Head of School and I have the same car. Which I think is pretty cool.  

What are your hobbies?

I love doing Triathlons! I have done 15 of them and one Ironman (which will be my only Ironman).  One of my favorite races I have ever done was the Ocean Games in Ocean City, MD two years ago.  It’s when you kayak for 6 miles and swim three miles in the ocean. No I didn’t come in first but I did finish.   Let’s just say I needed to work on my kayaking skills.  This year I decided to sign up for a 10k trail run and the Cherry Blossom 10 ten miler. Super excited for my upcoming races this Spring.