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Teacher Spotlight: Trish Hannon, Elementary Co-lead Teacher

Teacher Spotlight

Trish Hannon, Elementary Lead Teacher

 I am from New Jersey. I grew up in a town close to Philadelphia, and spent most of my summers at the Jersey shore. 

When did you realize you wanted to be a teacher and work in education? I was a System Analyst for a large company. My customer was The Center for Military History. I had to design a computer interface to help older Army generals update their artifact card catalogs. I loved teaching them, and helping them feel accomplished. I realized that helping other people learn new skills was my true calling. 

I love that Evergreen allows teachers flexibility so that they can add their own personal interests and passions into the curriculum. I think that when the students can see that their teachers are truly excited about learning, it can inspire students to follow their own passions.

My husband and I live in Takoma Park with our cat. We also have a small beach house at the Jersey shore. Instead of owning a home and renting a vacation spot, we rent our home and own our vacation spot!

I love walking and biking. I try to take a walk every day no matter the weather. My husband and I love to take long bike rides on the weekends. I’m absolutely addicted to baking and renovation shows! I hope to one day learn to actually bake! LOL