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Summer Overview




Evergreen Summer 2020 has begun! 

Our Montessori Summer, Summer Care and Creative Arts programs began on July 20.  We are pleased to offer these programs with our COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols in place.

We look forward to seeing all our campers back in 2021!


Programs 2020:

Travel Camp

Travel Camp (Ages 4 - 10) June 15 - 19

Program Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)

Enjoy a show at the Puppet Company, ride a pony at Wheaton Stables, visit Brookside Nature Center, cruise the carousel at Wheaton Park, take a hay ride at Sharp’s Farm and more adventures await your camper! The Evergreen School bus is equipped with seat belts and lovely air conditioning.

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Acorns & Sprouts

Acorns and Sprouts (Ages 3.5 – 5)

Program Hours: 8:30am – 12:00pm or 3:00 for Acorns, Sprouts: 8:30am – 3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)

Dive into our weekly themes as we amass awesomesauce artwork, experience splendiferous science experiments, savor scrumptious snack--tivities, make merry musical--magical moments, delve into dramatic dancing, and more! Depending on the theme of the week, campers will either enjoy an entertaining and educational presentation at Evergreen or will take a field trip.  


Acorn and Sprout campers enjoy free swim and play time at a pool once a week. There is a shallow pool for these age groups. Campers will also enjoy water play at Evergreen once a week.


Napping is available for children who need it. Campers must be potty independent


Session 1:    S’mores & more – June 22 - 26 

Make s’mores, sing around the (pretend) bonfire, create camp-y arts & crafts, and wear your pajamas while dancing under camper-made stars.


Session 2:    Bunny Hops & Belly Flops – June 29 - July 2

Bounce on over to learn about bunnies and some of their buddies! Enjoy lots of active play, meet adorable bunnies and discover fascinating facts!


Session 3 :     Costumes & Showtunes – July 6 - 10

Welcome pirates, pumpkins and princesses! It’s time for dramatic play, singing and dancing! Campers will venture out to Imagination Stage this week.


Session 4: Slime-a-go-go – July 13 - 17

Stir up a superabundance of slime, shape sand castles from cornstarch, fashion fabulous finger-paintings, make marbleized masterpieces and blow big, breathtaking bubbles and more!


Session 5:      Rainbows & Raindrops – July 20 - 24

What makes a cloud, lightning or a snowflake? Learn fascinating weather facts through science experiments, crafts and dancing whichever way the wind blows!


Session 6: Preserving Pollinators – July 27 - 31

How do butterflies help plants grow? Why are bees so important to us? Learn about pollinators while tasting honey, playing bizzy games and creating colorful critter crafts!


Session 7:   Oowey Gooey – August 3 - 7

Mix up oodles of oobleck! Sink little fingers in fuchsia flubber! Roll, pinch and shape squishy sculptures! Enjoy edible, delectable birthday cake doh!


Session 8: Marvelous Monsters – August 10 - 14

Calling all Wild Things, Bumbles and Cookie Monsters! Join us for a little monster-y mayhem, frolic with friends and let the wild rumpus start!


Session 9: Mardi Gras – August 17 - 21  

Explore a child’s version of Mardi Gras, including king cakes, swamp water, beads and mask-making! This week will be full of color, sparkle and creativity!

French and Spanish Immersion Camps

French and Spanish Immersion Camps (Ages 5 years, 9 months - 11 years) 

Program Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)


Campers will immerse themselves in the language of their choice, enjoying exciting camp activities, such as crafts, songs, stories and more! Each week, campers will either enjoy an entertaining and educational presentation at Evergreen or will take at least one field trip. 


Campers are recommended to have the equivalent of at least one school year of language immersion.


French Immersion Camps  (Ages 5 years, 9 months - 11 years)

Beloved Sligo Creek Elementary School teachers return to run our French Immersion Camps. 


Session 1: June 22 - 26


Session 2:    June 29 - July 2


Spanish Immersion Camps

Luz Granada, fun and friendly MCPS educator, returns to run our Spanish Immersion Camps. Sumérgete en nuestros temas semanales mientras acumulas obras de arte en un ambiente divertido haremos experimentos científicos espléndidos, saborearemos deliciosos refrigerios. También nos entretendremos creando mágicos momentos musicales, bailando y dramatizando.


Session 1:    June 29 - July 2 Ages 5 years, 9 months - 7


Session 2:    July 6 - 10 Ages 5 years, 9 months - 7


Session 3 :     July 13 - 17 Ages 5 years, 9 months - 7


Session 4: July 20 - 24 Ages 8 - 11

Specialty Camps (Ages 6 - 12)

Specialty Camps (Ages 6 - 12)

Program Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm (Early Care & Extended Day options)

Experience a fabulous, full-day specialty camp each week. Camps include Animal Education, Art, Coding, Cooking, Science and Life Skills. Speciality Campers will go to the pool Friday mornings.


Session 1:    June 22 - 26 


S’mores & more with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 6+

Awesome camping recipes that could be made on a campfire or grill. Create campfire cone s’mores, curly dogs, fire nachos and many more camping goodies!


Color Explosion! with CREATE Arts - Ages 7+

Design your own tie-dyed tee! Campers will also explore printmaking, watercolors and other outrageously colorful projects!


Session 2:    June 29 - July 2


Animal Magic with Cricket’s Critters - Ages 6+

You don’t have to go to Hogwarts for magic! Nature is full of magical tricks. Meet some interesting live critters to learn about superpowers, transformations, potions and illusions. 


Skills & Chills with Terry Melo - Ages 8+

Learn a little etiquette, basic first aid, how to self-advocate, make cold, sweet treats and more, while having fun with Terry Melo, a super cool retired MCPS Family and Consumer Science teacher. 


Session 3 :     July 6 - 10


Asian Flavors with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 8+

Get ready for Asian adventures! Make pho soup, Thai curries, Japanese noodles, Chinese moon cakes and more delightful delicacies!


Coding - Robots, Games & More! with - Ages 6+

Learn to code while creating awesome games, sweet music, cute art and fun robots using Scratch, Code Studio, MicroBit, NeoPixel, RobotCar, Star Wars BB-8! Design and play original games!


Session 4: July 13 - 17


Baking Bliss with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 6+

Explore the science of sweet and savory baked goods. Learn baking techniques such as folding, sifting and zesting as we whip up biscuits, tarts, pies, fruit pastries, pizzas, cookies and more!


Mammals with Cricket’s Critters - Ages 6+

Amazing mammals! Explore the fascinating strategies and tricks mammals have used to claim their spot on the top of the heap, with visits from live ambassadors to strut their stuff! 


Coding - Robots, Games & More! with - Ages 7+

Learn to code while creating awesome games, sweet music, cute art and fun robots using Scratch, Code Studio, MicroBit, NeoPixel, RobotCar, Star Wars BB-8! Design and play original games!



Session 5:      July 20 - 24


Farm to Table with Poach, Sizzle Stir PSS - Ages 6+

Harvest at a local farm. Cook delicious sweet and savory dishes with seasonal fruits and veggies, while learning fundamental cooking skills.


Red Hot Robots with Mad Science - Ages 7+

A journey through circuitry and sensors. Explore robots that follow lines, sounds, play tag and more! Construct a robot to take home! 


Art Immersion with CREATE Arts - Ages 6+

Dive into painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, mixed media and more. Use a variety of materials, including tempera, watercolor, oil pastels, and clay in this wild week!


Session 6: July 27 - 31


Chef Challenge with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 8+

Learn to create your very own masterpieces!  Assemble dishes using ingredients that most have available at home. May the best dish win!


Secret Agent Lab with Mad Science  Ages 6+

Suspects! Schematics! and Sleuths! Using spy equipment, explore evidence gathering, fingerprinting detection and help solve a crime!


Cool Sci-Arts with CREATE Arts - Ages 6+ 

Messy and magical come to life when science and art collide! Experience disappearing ink, rainbow paper creation, chromatography art, making your own paint and pendulum painting!


Session 7:   August 3 - 7


Holiday Fusion with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 6+

Celebrate the yummiest dishes of multiple holidays with cupid kababs, snake bites, heart pizzas, stuffin’ muffins, holiday cookies, matzo ball soup and many more festive treats!


Ooze & Slime with Cricket’s Critters - Ages 6+

Ooey, gooey, life saving slime! It’s defense, it’s offense, it’s a tricky concoction by nature’s best chemists. Live animal ambassadors will show us their slimiest of tricks.


Session 8: August 10 - 14


Cake Decorating with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 8+

A fun beginners guide to creating beautiful cakes! Learn to decorate cakes and cupcakes, with crumb coats, buttercream and pretty flowers! 


Modern Day Monsters with Cricket’s Critters - Ages 6+

Who says monsters aren’t real! They’re bizarre, creepy, outrageous, and oh so absurd. Live animal ambassadors show how science fiction has nothing on nature’s real monsters!


Little Monsters Studio with CREATE Arts - Ages 6+

Showcase your imagination by making monsters, heroes, dragons and cool characters. Create unique 2-D mixed media paintings, collages, 3-D sculptures and more!


Session 9: August 17 - 21  


Magnificent Mardi Gras with Poach, Sizzle Stir - Ages 6+

We will be celebrating Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday all week long with delicious Cajun dishes like beignets, po’boys with homemade remoulade, gumbo, king cakes and other Cajun treats! 


Crime Scene Chemistry - with Mad Science - Ages 6+

Discover the foundations of forensics as you learn about organs, cells and chemistry! Use your traits to decode and decipher DNA. Use crime scene chemistry skills to solve a sticky crime! 


Cartooning & Comics with CREATE Arts - Ages 6+

Your stories come to life as  you create original characters and stories. Learn about storyboards, panels, character design and more. Become a cartooning master in this class for all experience levels!

Discounts, Fees & Deadlines 

Discounts, Fees & Deadlines 

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 10% Discount for participants who are registered by February 14 and have paid in full. 

SUMMER PACKAGE DISCOUNT 5% Discount for participants who register for a total of 9 weeks (per child). 

Fees and deadlines There is a one-time, non-refundable deposit fee of $100 per child, per session. This amount is applied to the total cost of camp tuition. Payment in full is due by April 1. Payments not received by April 1 may result in the loss of your deposit and reservation. There are no refunds after April 1. 

After April 1, there is a $25 fee for changing camps or weeks. 

* There will be no camp on Friday, July 3, 2020, in observance of Independence Day. All camp session fees during the week will be reduced accordingly.

Early Care and Extended Day

Early Care (7:30 - 8:30am,  $65/week)  A quiet time for those requiring an early start. We offer a variety of activities, such as reading, drawing, and puzzles. 

Extended Day (3:00 - 4:00pm, $65/week) (3:00 - 5:00pm, $110/week) (3:00 - 6:00pm, $145/week) Our Extended Day (Eday) includes a snack, indoor and outdoor play, crafts, games, story time and science projects. 

Prior to 6:00pm, late fees for picking up after your scheduled Eday time will result in a fee of $15/hour. Late pick up after 6:15pm will result in a fee that increases exponentially over time. 

Drop into Early Care or Eday (Drop in Fee: $15/hour) Your child may attend Early Care or Eday as needed. 

Evergreen School and Summer is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Evergreen School and Summer does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification or ethnic or national origin in the administration of its educational program, summer program, admission policy, or other school administered programs.