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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Montessori, Baby & Me

How do you fill your home with warmth, love, kindness and respect?

It is never too early to introduce Montessori ideas to your baby. At its essence, the Montessori approach to caring for babies includes three principles highlighted in Tim Seldon’s How to Raise an Amazing Child: (1) respect all babies as individual human beings, (2) allow them as much freedom of movement as possible, and (3) help them to become increasingly independent by creating a safe, child-friendly environment that makes it easy for them to explore.

Evergreen worked with Hughes United Methodist Church to complete a major renovation of our shared Nursery/Nap Room to be just such a safe, child-friendly space. We removed walls and installed new plumbing, cabinets, and tile. The new room is available every morning as a model classroom in which to hold our new Baby, Montessori and Me program. The room has been outfitted with natural wood furniture, age appropriate Montessori materials, a diapering station and more.

The program is directed by Mrs. Carrie Weitzman, our Director of Admission. Carrie is a trained Montessori teacher and mother who is enthusiastic to share her “mom wisdom” and deep understanding of the Montessori approach with new parents.

Attendance is open for up to eight babies age 10 to 26 months and their caregivers one morning each week from 9:30 am to 11 am. Interested parents and caregivers should sign up through the Evergreen website.