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A Montessori School for Children Age 2 to Grade 3

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Evergreen Voices

From Parents

“Parents are very welcome to be involved in various aspects of the school, including being encouraged to come spend time in the classroom helping with a special project or sharing a special talent or information; parents have a voice with the administration to make suggestions and provide input regarding the school; parents are a support system for each other and there is definitely a strong sense of community among us.”

– Catherine Dinauer

“The Evergreen School is a warm and nurturing family of students, parents, and faculty. This community encourages us to be our best and represents the world that I want to live in. My children love being here and I love having them here.”

– Bridgette Collins

“I’ve been at Evergreen for 6 years and have been active since I walked in the door. Why? Well, it’s a great way to keep abreast of what’s going on at the school, and it’s allowed me to meet and get to know the great parents of Evergreen…a really interesting bunch. But the thing that keeps me active year in and year out, is the smile and pride that I see in my daughter’s face every time I tell her I’m going to Evergreen to participate in some event, meeting, or task!!!”

– Edith Bullard-Britt

“What I like most about Evergreen is that it is a close community. It amazes me how all the teachers know the children and can call them by name. Makayla also knows all the staff. There is real comfort in knowing that she feels safe because no one is a stranger to her. I also like that the school is very multicultural. Makayla has learned a lot about the customs of other countries and can tell you where the countries are on the map and what the flag looks like. I am learning a lot from her.”

– Leslie Burley

“I like that Evergreen wants and encourages parent participation at the school. I spend every Thursday in the office helping the staff and then delivering pizza to the children. I love sitting in the office and listening to the children as they learn, play, and interact with each other and the teachers.”

– Tressa Everts

“Evergreen’s culture is one of community – a place where idea-sharing is welcome, opportunities to be involved are plentiful, and communication with parents is a top priority. I never have to wonder whether my daughter is in good hands at Evergreen. I know she is!”

– Clare Neal

“As newcomers to Evergreen, we have been overwhelmed by the warmth of the community and the joy for learning that is evident in every aspect of the school.”

– Ruth Chacon

“It is a real blessing to be a member of the Evergreen community. And it is a community, because everyone does whatever is possible for a common goal: for the kids to learn in a happy and safe environment. Participating in various school activities and field trips has given me an opportunity to share quality time with my children in ways I would have never thought possible. They are in a place they can call their own, and to have them open up to show me what they have been learning, the drawings they have done, and the friends that they have made has been breath taking. It is obvious that the teachers and staff love the kids because they (the kids) cannot wait to go back to school each and every day.”

– Dr. Roberto Araujo

“We credit Jennifer’s success in high school to the great start she got at Evergreen.”

– L.L. Berry, III

“Evergreen has not only educated Margot and Emma well, but has helped shape their values and attitudes in important and positive ways.”

– Doug and Shelly Lowenstein

“I really miss the hospitality and the sense that a parent is always welcome at Evergreen.”

– Nickey Loeng

“Asha has a perfect start now to face this complicated world. I feel much of her security and sense of herself have come from her experience from Evergreen.”

– Stephanie Stone

“I know that the understanding, warmth, and nurturing you provide are things that Jeff will always carry with him.”

– Karen Basham